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Unleash the power of your brain's natural learning strengths and discover "the smarter way to learn" through our innovative programs.


Help people discover their innate talents, maximise their potential and overcome their weaknesses.


Everybody can learn regardless of age.  Young children especially between from 0 to 8 years old, should be exposed to as many types of educational stimulation as possible. Once we discover where their unique natural talents are, then we can guide them to become more contented and effective learners.

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With 17 years of exprience in Training and Education, Leny brings with her a wealth of knowledge and information in the area of accelearated learning and effective training as well as successful parenting. She has travelled extensively and studied the best teaching pactices from UK(London) and the United States to incorporate into the Asian syllabus for students in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.  

Her programs have been regularly featured in the media, including CNN World News, Channel News Asia, Channel U News, TV3 (Malaysia), Bali Radio, Radio 97.2 Singapore, in988 radio Singapore, The Straits Times, New Paper, ParenThink (Malaysia Parenting Magazine),  Parenting Guide (well-known Indonesian Parenting Magazine) to name but a few.

Leny is our Master Trainer for Dermatoglyphics (fingerprint neuromapping).




Professor Lin has 25 years of research and work in Dermatoglyphics. Professor Lin is the authority in the field of Dermatoglyphics. His track record includes having started more than 300 educational centres in Taiwan.

Together with our researchers, Professor Lin continues to contribute his expertise in brain and learning research to enhance the programs offered by Wonderful Minds.

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Harnessing the potential from an early age is essential in ensuring a healthy happy and productive life.  Our reports help you work with the dreams of your children and enable them use their unique talents to help them discover a life filled with limitless possibilities.

We are not here to say what a child should do.  Every individual needs to discover his/her own calling in life.  We can help harness the natural talents and strengths to help achieve whatever goal the child/student has in mind.

The course helps you answer and tackle the following challenges:

  • What style of parenting should I use?

  • What are my child’s natural talents and weaknesses? 

  • What subjects might my child enjoy and succeed in?

  • How to motivate children to work independently?

  • How to communicate and work with teenagers?


Our courses are there to ensure your child does not have the same regrets and will help you resolve these and many other parenting issues.



Arguably the most important crossroads in life is higher eduction.  For the first time we have the opportunity to make a positive choice about the direction our life is heading.  Normally this is an uncomfortable period as both parents and student alike will have strong opinions on what to do.

As well as guiding students toward a course which would bring them both emotional and financial rewards.  We can also help students and parents understand each other's concerns and dreams and communicate more effectively.

Our talent tool  can help students with the following problems:

  • What course might suit me most?

  • What is the best learning style to help my study?

  • After I graduate, what careers are suitable for me?


We can also help parents:

  • See yourself through your child's eyes - How does our teen actually view us? We have a fun and revealing journey, looking at ourselves through their eyes.

  • How to talk and act, so that they will listen - Some teens are rebellious others won't talk to us. We will explore various strategies that enable us to connect with our young adults. 

  • Effective discipline - How to implement effective discipline that is sustainable. 



Human resource management is the cornerstone of any successful modern business.  The more we invest in people, the more we need to understand how to make the most of them.


There are several major concerns that modern companies face:

- Finding the right talent

- Developing existing talent

- Retaining talent

- Using talent effectively

​Finding the right talent involves fully understanding not just an applicants CV and skills, but also how does this individual think.  How will they operate within my team, and what will motivate this person to work hard for me/my organisation.

Developing existing talent helps improve people whom you already understand. However different people respond differently to specific types of training and situations differently.  A training program which works great for one person may utterly fail with others. 

We help you understand why and tailor training to individuals and groups to help increase absorption and effectiveness.



A successful relationship requires more than just love. Communication, collaboration, understanding and mutual respect are essential if you want your partnership to last.


In our relationship program we will help:

- Improve communication between couples

- Understand what motivates your partner

- How to resolve conflicts more effectively

With these and many other lessons we will help you build the foundation for a strong long lasting relationship based on mutual respect as well as love.


Even if you believe you have a strong relationship it is always worth taking the opportunity to get to know your other half even better.  Forever is a long time and happily ever afters require effort on both sides.


When you have been in a relationship for a long time, you tend to share memories between you. In 'The Tipping Point' by Malcolm Gladwell, the author says that one of the hardest parts about separating from a loved one is the loss of shared memories.  Together, we can assist you in building wonderful memories that count.

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Featured on:
Channel U News, TV3, The Star Paper, Channel News Asia
CNN World News, Parent Think, Parenting Guide Magazine in Indonesia
The Straits Times, Today Paper, Lian He Zao Bao, Sin Ming Ri Bao

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- Tan Chong Beng

"My wife and I used to have a hard time getting our 3 young children to listen and follow what we instructed them to do. After doing the fingerprint DNA report (DMIT) with Wonderful Minds, we could communicate better with our children. They were more willing to listen."



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